Life of Cokianna


                          By: Liajuana Clark

Cokianna an African American female who’s in fact 34 years of age,she’s 5’4 120lbs Carmel complexed,wavy curly hair shoulder length,she’s from the dirty and heartless streets of Cleveland,Ohio.A single mother of 3Kings/3 Queens. Cokianna is trisexual, attractive, adventurous, spontaneous, fashionable and highly intellectual a hustler by any means necessary. A Mastermind very manipulative and deceptive, she uses sex,lies,and drugs to get on top a true opportunist, don’t mind burning bridges as she breaks all the rules to win and will even if it costs her life.

           “Cokianna we have you surrounded” police yells over the cb, as she jumps out the bed she can’t help but see the flashing blue lights all around her house,she quickly puts her clothes on that’s beside the bed and grabs her phone off the dresser, checking to see if she could hear them approaching although she knows their coming she quickly goes through the attic to her roof where she scopes out the area she then climbs in a tree in which is close to her house,she continues to climb to the center and get low so the leaves can hide her,she sat their til they left at least that’s what she thought so she proceeded out of the tree and that’s when the shots were fired from an undercover cop and out the tree she feel panicking,bleeding,shaking she passed out, he had hit her in the chest he dispatched Ems they arrive and quickly take her to the ER when she woke up she was cuffed to her bed and her rights were read and to jail she went. As she sat in her cell all she could think about was who set me up so she reached out to an attorney who she paid already on some just in case type shit to see wuz up,so they set up the visit a week or two went by out of nowhere the ℅ called her out and said visit so she proceeded to the visit and that’s when her attorney showed her the indictment and the statements and signatures has her infuriated,she slams down on the table and looked at her attorney”I paid you in full now get me the fuck up out of here”!!! He nodded ok and shook her hand then left, she yells c/o I’m done here!