Ancient Tantra Of The Soul Welcome to Cokes World This is the Rising Phoenix Podcast “Sexual Proclivity” (feminine & masculine energies) pt1: Scales Of Balance Ancient Tantra Of The Soul Laghacy Cokianna Truth be told im a tantrika, a sacred priestess of the tantric arts, some people mistakeningly believe that ” Tantra” is simply about sexuality but it is in truth the journey of the soul to bring feminine & masculine polarities into wholeness, love, unity and empowerment, to learn to be the enlightened on your path in every element of your being. I’m here to help you create a sacred connection between body & mind. I into will help you find a way that feels right to you.this will help heal the relationship between feminine & masculine consciousness. so basicly this is about balancing give n take, directing and flowing ,play and solitude are ways to do just that. learning to feel as comfortable as possible with your sexual and spirtitual nature seeing how they can compliment rather than compete with each other is helpful too. Incantation: The Scales Are Balanced with perfection feminine and masculine in divine connection surrender and strength, body and soul togethered are loved, united and whole i know when to act and when to rest scales of balance allow harmony to vest deep within im now at peace as imbalanced I effortlessly now release I feel balanced wholeness and vitality as i balance and heal my Divine Humanity-


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