Cokianna serving the stars✨⭐️ By Laghacy Cokianna Inspired by the tv series p valley I decided to tell the story about my night life….. My name is Laghacy Cokianna I’m from and reside in Cleveland Ohio. Im known for being a model, up coming actress,author,writer , underground rapper and mother, seems like a busy life huh but yet I’m balanced, however there is another life I live that’s hidden but today I feel liberated as I come from behind the veil…. Tonight was like any other night at work but then something unorthodox transpired my supervisor whom was fine as hell asked if I would accompany him in having some drinks later on so I accepted in said invitation, so after work I met up with him at previously discussed location along with him was some more guys that’s was paid honey listen ,and pleasing to the eye but I couldn’t help but notice that some appeared feminine and others masculine I’m like don’t tell me all that sexy gone to waist ,I admit I was truly disappointed but I proceeded with the night I had such an amazing time so we all headed home to our dorms we sat outside talked and laughed and out of nowhere he pulled me aside and asked “you wanna be a nigga right”? I laughed yet I’m appalled like what so of course he asked again “you want to be a nigga right? Im like nawl I’m just bi sexual so then he asked me which role I played I said the masculine energy he laughed and was like exactly, I’m standing there stunned totally confused so he said it’s all good shorty come with me at first I was reluctant but the inquisitive me went with. I then noticed those friends was also in his dorm I’m like “WHAT THE FUCK”? to myself he like relax some of us gay and others are bi so you good, I sighed of relief but then a duffle bag hit the table he said open it now I’m looking around at everybody and they’re watching me as well so I open it was large amount of cash then the question was asked if I would fuck them with a strap I’m like huh come again you heard me he said so another guy brought another bag filled with sex toys yup dildos and all so I’m like you sure you want me to serve you dick he said yes I’m like ok but I don’t know how he laughed he said it’s just like fucking your bitch so I sipped my Hennessy went to his bathroom showered came back out as Le’juan and I’m here for it bitches I told myself I’m not scared of no money the bag was there and it was mine. So I grabbed his fine ass pushed him into a wall I need to have full control as I proceeded kissing him passionately as I undress him someone put on an R&b Playlist the lights was red and baby listen I was on demon time so anyway bitch I’m passionately kissing licking sucking him til I got waist down so listen I poured this caramel flavored syrup on his waist that heated up I proceeded kissing and licking the waist line went down further to his dick where I slowly stroked,caressed that pretty muthafucka I spit on it looked him his eyes and told him don’t take your eyes off me I said tell me you love this he said I loved this I said tell me you want this he repeated I want this now his dick is settling in my throat as it do that heartbeat thing I’m messaging his balls he lost in my eyes I showed him I could love the dick but now it’s time to disrespect the muthafucka besides this not my nigga I looked back into his eyes I asked have you ever buss on command he said no I then replied you will tonight I slowly moved my hand forward til I got a hold of his neck now that I got a grip and eye contact it’s a go I then began to deep throat the dick my mouth wet muscles together I’m practically hugging his dick with my throat now I’m speeding this up eyes still locked he grabbing my hair moaning and screaming yelling out bitch I guess that’s my name now so he dogging my head I said you ready he say for what I said call me another bitch and he did just that I heard bitch I launched it down my throat he cumming like crazy I’m drinking this nigga still clinched tight he screaming shaking still calling me bitches I’m still sucking that bitch back hard I now release him Told that nigga to flip over I then ate that pussy “hey if you know you know “ I got that bitch wet as I desired talking to him like tell me you want it he said yes I aggressively said no bitch tell me you want it he deeply breathing like I want it I told him arch that back my hand positioned on his neck I slide in slow stroking kissing him on his lips biting his lips sucking on his tongue yeah I got him now I’m kissing licking and sucking his neck now mind you everybody else watching with anticipation but I’m still slow stroking now I’m digging deep I now put his face down and that pussy sitting right I speeded up he moaning fucking me back now he calling me daddy I’m smacking ass drilling this bitch like he was my own next yelled “I HATE YOU” I smiled like I know, I flipped him over missionary style I’m in that shit French kissing lost in his eyes when I bite his bottom lip he moan when I sucked his tongue slowly he his ass and dick came at once and at that moment a tear drop, I got up like who’s next as if he wasn’t shit but a job is just that And I’m gone get it done

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