“This story is based on betrayal,deception,manipulation last but not least sacrifice it’s ruled by greed in which it ends with judgement, karma and justice, I’m an upcoming artist who’s multifaceted I go by “Laghacy Cokianna” and this here is my story

“Love Over Fame”

It all started when I got discovered by an legion, however I didn’t quite recognize him at first solely because of his magician ways , a alchemist indeed a charming illusionist is what I’d call him.

Our first encounter was of course business related I had to make a public appearance, actually it was my stage debut, see my stage freight kept me from being successful for years but when this man came into my life it was like fear left my existence and I was ready for the world, so the day of my show I paid for a Mercedes Sprinter van actually I had it for the whole day nether less I stopped by his hotel and picked him up in which we met face 2 face, I locked eyes with this handsome species a deep stare actually, it was at that moment I recognized his soul I felt an instant connection not really sure if it was a past life energy trying to penetrate me uncanny i thought well after my show we hit my after party had a few drinks did some promo I met one of the DJ’s that worked with us connected with some associates shared some laughs shortly after I dropped him off the whole time I was with him I felt as though I couldn’t breathe finally I was able to exhale, once I arrived home I felt something was not quite right unsettling really so I proceeded to the shower a good cleanse was definitely needed both physically and spiritually afterwards I got into my bed got comfortable enough to go into an meditative state it wasn’t long before I drifted into a slumber.

I continued on with my daily tasks for like 2 weeks and without delay that unease feeling of mine resurfaced. I notice the change of behavior from others ,I slowly was feeling distant but it’s time again for me to put on a show so I was actually excited about this one but that definitely didn’t last long at all I was truly devastated by the humiliation that came upon me due to some behind the scenes shadiness. See what I can’t stand is for someone to throw a rock and hide their hand just pure malice, I then realize I didn’t play his game as he felt I should my body is my temple I both love and cherish all of it and me not giving it up or let one run mileage on it was like betrayal or how dare me not give in to him that was truly unethical so I had to pay the price my show was sabotaged but me being professional I continued to perform anyway. See I never had a problem with wearing my scars I have several I call myself a beautiful abomination due to all the turmoil I’ve been through gratefully enough I’m grateful for every lesson, experience and person see it was needed for this elevation, im not jaded by a far I’m able to love and love hard that’s how I know I’m winning.

Of course it didn’t stop their people can be disgusting without a doubt,next set of events occurred moments after I then notice I was being bootleg cloned it’s funny how people work so hard to become a second rate version of you than a first rate version of themselves ungrateful and confused I feel. As I stated earlier on I notice people dressing like me, trying to mimic my personality ,mannerisms etc followed by rumors stealing my craft gaining profits sent minions to try to start confrontation, when I say competing to me by a second rate was preposterous honestly I was appalled I then took a break from music that experience was so distasteful yet needed I say that because I never met someone who had me both inspired and motivated I was happy to just be me gave me opportunities in my face but when I blinked they were snatched right from me but that’s alright I have my dignity my self love my self respect and due to this happening I took time out to learn more about me and much to my surprise I discovered other talents that was hidden and started honing in on them and that brought me total satisfaction.


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