Ancient Tantra Of The Soul

Ancient Tantra Of The Soul Welcome to Cokes World This is the Rising Phoenix Podcast “Sexual Proclivity” (feminine & masculine energies) pt1: Scales Of Balance Ancient Tantra Of The Soul Laghacy Cokianna Truth be told im a tantrika, a sacred priestess of the tantric arts, some people mistakeningly believe that ” Tantra” is simply about sexuality but it is in truth the journey of the soul to bring feminine & masculine polarities into wholeness, love, unity and empowerment, to learn to be the enlightened on your path in every element of your being. I’m here to help you create a sacred connection between body & mind. I into will help you find a way that feels right to you.this will help heal the relationship between feminine & masculine consciousness. so basicly this is about balancing give n take, directing and flowing ,play and solitude are ways to do just that. learning to feel as comfortable as possible with your sexual and spirtitual nature seeing how they can compliment rather than compete with each other is helpful too. Incantation: The Scales Are Balanced with perfection feminine and masculine in divine connection surrender and strength, body and soul togethered are loved, united and whole i know when to act and when to rest scales of balance allow harmony to vest deep within im now at peace as imbalanced I effortlessly now release I feel balanced wholeness and vitality as i balance and heal my Divine Humanity-


A Bloody Rose


By LiaJuana Clark

I remember as if it was yesterday smelling the aroma of the brisk air which let me know that winter is approaching, I always felt like I could smell snow “funny huh”, neither less I began to gaze out the window watching the leaves fall to the ground with admiration of the colors contraplating that I didn’t want to be beautiful and vibrant then die like those leaves, wanting to be rescued from the agony in which I endured just wanting a sigh of relief but I wasn’t even close so with that being said let me explain to you my story.

I remember as far back as five years of age, dealing with several emotions but the one that stood out the most was fear. I was living with my paternal grandmother who appeared to be Caucasian, her hair was long jet black and silky straight when wet extremely curly, she had to been like 5’8 very busty and hippy with no ass, her face was angelic so beautiful, she was a jack of all trades I’m talking several hustles, many titles and wore them all, she was formerly an prostitute and she earned enough money to switch to the dope game not your typical grandmother I’m sure, she had several hoods on lock I mean even the mail carrier was purchasing. My grandmother didn’t believe in laziness either you work, hustle or go to school that was law, although love wasn’t really displayed I knew it was somewhere. On top of all that my grandmother displayed some behaviors that mostly startled me, she was very co-dependent on alcohol I mean she would buy 4 gallons at a time and so would her spouse, at one point she would appear as an earth angel other times it was Lucifer himself in the flesh, honestly I didn’t know what I was dealing with, she would become very aggressive and abusive towards everyone but my siblings and I caught it the most especially my younger sister, I never knew why until my early 20’s and only then did I receive an sincere apology and death shortly came later.

Living in this household my siblings and I endured so many traumatic experiences it was like the house of horrors, let me explain we dealt with sexual, emotional, psychological, verbal and physical abuse it seem as though it would never let up, I’ve been locked in closets, tied to the bed, placed in the tub and beaten with an extension cord soak and wet for little or no reason at all, so we were too frighten to actually act out of sorts. Now I know by now you’re like what the fuck, yeah my sentiments exactly. Now let me talk to you for a minute, I have some uncles and male cousins that’s truly sick as fuck, these individuals was molesting us on an constant basis, first time I seen or sucked a dick was at 5 years of age and guys wonder why I call myself ‘the soul snatcher” but we will get to that later, like I was saying this went on until I was 10 years of age, actually one of my grandmother boyfriends is the one of two that perform oral sex on me between ages 7 or 8 years of age and I pissed right in his mouth and started to laugh, they had me so dysfunctional I started taking nudes of myself I know just terrible don’t worry about judgment I totally get it anyhow my sister broke silence about the abuse and the reaction left me perplexed, I mean they were enraged accused her of lying, attention seeking you name it, I know that had to be a dark place to be in as well as lonely, I’ve never felt so powerless and I still carry the burden of not defending nor protecting her, they compare and contrast us so much that were strained even to this date now don’t get me wrong my sister loves me dearly and always been my protector I can just feel the distance between us which saddens me deeply. In our childhood years she willingly took the blame for my mistakes all cause she hated to see me in pain oh how fearless she was I admired and appreciated her for that, Once we reached our adolescent years she became even more protective she fought all my battles and won my younger sister was a force to be reckoned with I tell you that much even more so until this day.

I was always a loner yet popular, I really was never the partying type I enjoyed stimulating my mental more than anything so I had a thing for literature, I also was quite observant I had a thing for checking out behaviors and feeling people energy at an young age some people felt as though I was paranoid but in all actuality cautious was more like it, I couldn’t trust no one especially family.

I recall one winter between thanksgiving and Christmas my uncle came to visit as usual to have his way with us then turn around and steal money and gifts, but this particular holiday season my sister decided to get vengeful, so she took this man hat filled it up with snow then continued as she tied my uncle to our coffee table, I’m not gone lie I was laughing but extremely terrified and all I heard was I’m gone make this table fall on him, My response to that was I’m about to hurry and fall asleep but who was I fooling I wanted to see the plan through and I did he tried getting up and couldn’t he was so mad I tightly shut my eyes he tried getting up and everything flip 0ver, man that was something. Well back to me by the time I was 14 years of age everything manifested any deep rooted emotions no longer hidden it was truly on display, my attitude was horrible, far as my personality it was warm and kindred very childlike simply loving yet inviting., my self –esteem was shot to hell by now I’m logical instead of emotional to all relationships so I appeared standoffish yet frosty towards people, I’ve dealt with identity crisis, sexuality issues, abandonment and trust issues clearly I was lost but the mask I wore and the smile I cracked was my security blanket and it kept me safe from others to be able to read my story, actually I’m misread even up to this day. For so many years I thought I had control of it all and told myself daily that I’m not affected by no situation from my past, my denial was real, I realized that my abuse and environment affected me so bad on so many levels when I looked up my life as I knew it was in shambles, I have many issues as you can see so I will explain to you how my traumatize childhood affected my sexuality and intimate relationships” put your seatbelt on”, you’re in for a ride. I guess I’ll start by saying how I started using sex as an weapon and the power it had in itself, I would say this I don’t feel no emotion before or during even there after intercourse, I simply use it for gain but of course I had plenty of time to mind fuck my targets, I always create fantasy and adventure I supply the comfort down from massages to establishing an false sense of trust, I was taught it was simply about the money and power never love. So I felt like that’s all I had for an long time, my intellect and my vagina was my most powerful tools I had so I brought it all to capitalize never questioned if I’m hurting anyone. My sex life was fiery and intimate I mean people thought I was loving or in love with them just fun and business without them acknowledging but seeing that I was talented in my endeavors it could have been hard to concentrate, I had good sense of feeling people similar to me who also was an victim of traumatization and it was easy for me to be their security blanket and I will explain why, men who undergo sexual abuse are really conflicted like women they have problems of identity or sexuality and you can bet their truly embarrass so I guess you can say I’m best of both worlds I’m their boyfriend/ girlfriend so that its less complex I guess, I penetrate them just like a man would cause their use to that feeling and at times crave it so I supply it, so with that being said I’m the safe deposit box to their fears and secrets they also satisfy me and that’s my way of getting even with man it’s truly confusing but I tried my best to explain. I’m a bi sexual female so it really don’t bother me I just switch from LiaJuana to Le Juan and it go down. At first I didn’t recognize that I was an abuser until my first love gave me a look and for the first time in a while I felt someone pain and the look of despair and embarrassment told it all damn I felt fucked up the very thing I hated I turned into deep only differences they were adults and choose to engage but me using their weakness as my strengths and executing my plan was foul and to this day I struggle to forgive myself. I will say this I currently have several individuals that have codependency issues when it comes to that and when rejected their both confused and angry then I feel conflicted knowing I have to deliver it’s like my consequence is grand.

Now let’s dive right into my next issue my identity crisis, as I stated earlier on I lived with my paternal grandmother who image didn’t appear as an woman of color nor did my aunts, my uncles looked bi racial of course. I’m Carmel complexion 5’4 beautiful naturally curly hair, brown eyes perfect symmetrical teeth but then I was high yellow nearly white so yes I was lost but I also found it intriguing and annoying, I often got tease and taunted in grade school due to my appearance they often made accusations of me being adopted which made me become isolated and question my whole existence but I also had some people who admired my look calling me pocohantas.its more to this story but I will elaborate later.

Let’s talk about my abandonment issues, I have grown to be both possessive and territorial to all my relationships, Of course I’m not an open person emotionally but when I do love I tend to love hard but once that’s transpired it’s often hard for me to detach. See I’ve never really had no one simply to myself it’s was always someone else or death and imprisonment was the cause in which I had an loss to them all which left me in total despair, so with that being said I really don’t allow that access for others to get close due to me being tired of the constant disappointments and heartbreaks. I feel this sense of feeling came from both of my parent’s incarceration, my mother did fed time on drug charges, guns etc. and my father in state penitentiary for rape and kidnapping for a long time I was angered considering the charges like so you mean to tell me all this was more important than me especially my dad so I always felt little to no value and to this day pussy run his world and it’s still his first love honestly he never put me first. Now my mom returned home from prison and came to retrieve my sister and I my grandmother sort of warned me about her didn’t really know if what she said was truth or lies at that point in my life but anyway we ended up living with relatives which was very disturbing for me but anyway my sister immediately started opening up to my mother about everything but for some strange reason I was beyond pissed saying to myself she bet not ask me shit so from that day forth I immediately blocked her out far as I’m concern family are the only ones screaming I love you and instantly turn around and harming you plus I honestly didn’t know her and truth be told I didn’t care to and I’m more than sure she felt it. I can sense the tension between us, when she spoke I heard deceit on that alone caused me to challenge both her stories and actions some led to verbal arguments than it escalated to her putting her hands on me part of me to this day feels as though she sought out on taking her vengeance on me considering it was my family who harmed my sister but maybe if she had took the time out to learn people we wouldn’t of had that pain inflicted upon us or moreover made proper decisions knowing she had children, I found it very much so intriguing how she had time to develop an relationship with a man in Philly before bonding with us anyhow the fights are ongoing and my rage is enlarging, I mean have you ever felt so much pain that your eyes could no longer create tears or feel anything majority of the time when I got like that my mind would be in far place with the stars and planets and only my shell would be in the physical and that was quite frequent. I could never understand why her past was chasing me and she really thought I was looking for dirt on her it’s like sweetie the time it matter is currently over perhaps you should have been honest with your children or child from jump cause one thing I can’t stand is not being able to defend myself or being caught off guard, so meanwhile I’m getting approach by different people with all sorts of accusations which left me appalled so I go to her about it she instantly in defense mode of course seeing how my vibe is with her who can blame her so we exchange words then she tells me she hate me and I’m like finally some truth every word and action confirmed that statement but like I was saying that was my train of thought then and ignorant I truly was but I will discuss later why I say just that. Far as my father concern, Once he got home he did come to see me our relationship wasn’t your typical father / daughter bond well anyway he did 17 years so I instantly wanted to show him a good time so I introduce him to females, I even orchestrated his flings myself, my dad and I hung out in strip clubs together ,he smoked his weed and I always had a bottle and of course he match me but one day I told myself like you started this off wrong but that fast life / night life was my domain plus I had no language of love and this was my form of communication and on a side note he’s my father so he should take leadership and guide our relationship but of course that seed never went into fruition, I mean it was mind bottling how I friend zoned my dad, we hung out at sport bars or relatives house and watch the game, eat and drink on Sundays shortly after he was back incarcerated and I know his woman had something to do with it but as usual I took both the hit and the blame. The duration of my father incarceration I spent majority of it defending myself against allegations from my family and his woman now as I stated I’m fully responsible for the flings all that other shit they can miss me with and I let it be known see I have no tolerance for dumb shit at the end of the day he my parent so with that being said I can only do what he allow period and she stupid for thinking he was gone be faithful after doing 17 years and he wrong for playing on her loyalty and love far as I’m concern I was bonding where I sought fit, So as you can see dysfunctional relationships started early on which is no surprise why my intimate relationships don’t go so well, I have 6 children and four different fathers not like I plan for this just laid out like that and no I don’t believe in abortions either way I love these men in a way they would never understand they provided me with a gift with the help of the most high serving me individuals who will always love me and which I can love back loneliness was a fear yet it was safe. I was pregnant with my first son at the age of 14 the father ghosted me during my pregnancy and years after that but as of right now he’s in my son life and yes my son is currently 17 and yes I will finish this later.

Cokianna serving the stars✨

Cokianna serving the stars✨⭐️ By Laghacy Cokianna Inspired by the tv series p valley I decided to tell the story about my night life….. My name is Laghacy Cokianna I’m from and reside in Cleveland Ohio. Im known for being a model, up coming actress,author,writer , underground rapper and mother, seems like a busy life huh but yet I’m balanced, however there is another life I live that’s hidden but today I feel liberated as I come from behind the veil…. Tonight was like any other night at work but then something unorthodox transpired my supervisor whom was fine as hell asked if I would accompany him in having some drinks later on so I accepted in said invitation, so after work I met up with him at previously discussed location along with him was some more guys that’s was paid honey listen ,and pleasing to the eye but I couldn’t help but notice that some appeared feminine and others masculine I’m like don’t tell me all that sexy gone to waist ,I admit I was truly disappointed but I proceeded with the night I had such an amazing time so we all headed home to our dorms we sat outside talked and laughed and out of nowhere he pulled me aside and asked “you wanna be a nigga right”? I laughed yet I’m appalled like what so of course he asked again “you want to be a nigga right? Im like nawl I’m just bi sexual so then he asked me which role I played I said the masculine energy he laughed and was like exactly, I’m standing there stunned totally confused so he said it’s all good shorty come with me at first I was reluctant but the inquisitive me went with. I then noticed those friends was also in his dorm I’m like “WHAT THE FUCK”? to myself he like relax some of us gay and others are bi so you good, I sighed of relief but then a duffle bag hit the table he said open it now I’m looking around at everybody and they’re watching me as well so I open it was large amount of cash then the question was asked if I would fuck them with a strap I’m like huh come again you heard me he said so another guy brought another bag filled with sex toys yup dildos and all so I’m like you sure you want me to serve you dick he said yes I’m like ok but I don’t know how he laughed he said it’s just like fucking your bitch so I sipped my Hennessy went to his bathroom showered came back out as Le’juan and I’m here for it bitches I told myself I’m not scared of no money the bag was there and it was mine. So I grabbed his fine ass pushed him into a wall I need to have full control as I proceeded kissing him passionately as I undress him someone put on an R&b Playlist the lights was red and baby listen I was on demon time so anyway bitch I’m passionately kissing licking sucking him til I got waist down so listen I poured this caramel flavored syrup on his waist that heated up I proceeded kissing and licking the waist line went down further to his dick where I slowly stroked,caressed that pretty muthafucka I spit on it looked him his eyes and told him don’t take your eyes off me I said tell me you love this he said I loved this I said tell me you want this he repeated I want this now his dick is settling in my throat as it do that heartbeat thing I’m messaging his balls he lost in my eyes I showed him I could love the dick but now it’s time to disrespect the muthafucka besides this not my nigga I looked back into his eyes I asked have you ever buss on command he said no I then replied you will tonight I slowly moved my hand forward til I got a hold of his neck now that I got a grip and eye contact it’s a go I then began to deep throat the dick my mouth wet muscles together I’m practically hugging his dick with my throat now I’m speeding this up eyes still locked he grabbing my hair moaning and screaming yelling out bitch I guess that’s my name now so he dogging my head I said you ready he say for what I said call me another bitch and he did just that I heard bitch I launched it down my throat he cumming like crazy I’m drinking this nigga still clinched tight he screaming shaking still calling me bitches I’m still sucking that bitch back hard I now release him Told that nigga to flip over I then ate that pussy “hey if you know you know “ I got that bitch wet as I desired talking to him like tell me you want it he said yes I aggressively said no bitch tell me you want it he deeply breathing like I want it I told him arch that back my hand positioned on his neck I slide in slow stroking kissing him on his lips biting his lips sucking on his tongue yeah I got him now I’m kissing licking and sucking his neck now mind you everybody else watching with anticipation but I’m still slow stroking now I’m digging deep I now put his face down and that pussy sitting right I speeded up he moaning fucking me back now he calling me daddy I’m smacking ass drilling this bitch like he was my own next yelled “I HATE YOU” I smiled like I know, I flipped him over missionary style I’m in that shit French kissing lost in his eyes when I bite his bottom lip he moan when I sucked his tongue slowly he his ass and dick came at once and at that moment a tear drop, I got up like who’s next as if he wasn’t shit but a job is just that And I’m gone get it done

Earth Angel 11:11


Earth Angel 11:11

By LiaJuana Clark

It started in a dark place where depression was the mother and betrayal was the father such a cold and lonely place to encounter the turbulence was like an volcanic eruption and lava covered the surface I look around no one insight but me standing in the pits of hell feeling the flame no sweat or tears my soul couldn’t cry out, I was searching for my heart but all I saw was red when I looked up I saw him, still as a rock cause I’m frightened at this point he stood in my face and said come to me I’ll make it go away as good as it sound I slowly turned away I dropped in the lava praying and chanting for a better way, begging for forgiveness for myself and those who prosecuted me when I open my eyes I was amongst my children in our home in my bed greeted with smiles and laughter thinking to myself GOD has a plan I embrace my children and the love we shared before I go any further let me start from the beginning, this is how I started my spiritual journey.

As a child I felt unique I often kept myself isolated, inquisitive very much so I had an hunger for knowledge, by the time I was an adolescent I respected diversity it was so much to learn from political views to religious backgrounds, economic concerns, different forms of families and their foundations, values, morals, different teachings but what I had a thing for was the arguments which intrigued me to further investigate certain individuals point of views with withholding the knowledge of my upbringing to form my own hypothesis as well as seek truth. Often people misjudged as well as misread me often I was ridiculed and laughed at but see I saw the world from a different pair of eyes and I also returned the laughter cause the ignorance these individuals displayed and still to this day are naïve. The fundamentals of Psychology plays a big role in my spiritual journey of course as well as my psychological issues that America seems to classify if you seem remotely gifted of some kind, the one that bothers me most is paranoid schizophrenic, now let’s discuss this further, now they describe this illness of one in which you have delusions, auditory hallucinations or hearing things that are not there and perceptual disturbances, visual hallucinations sometimes occur which can lead to physical and emotional detachment, social withdrawal, anger and anxiety now I feel it’s truly unfair for America to try to classify this with such a title humanity as I know it lost love, understanding, and respect, my purpose is to truly change that now I’m not so much religious but however I’m very spiritual so I’m going to describe this as I see fit please don’t be alarmed but this is my book so therefore my opinion now as I was stating due to me being a spiritual being the medical terminology paranoid schizophrenic is no longer what I will call this beautiful phenomena strangely enough it’s a blessing here’s why these people are empaths highly intuitive they undergo many transformations clearly their spiritually awaken as well as enlighten, their perception is intensified, their aware of presence of course their connected they hold an inner quietness and it’s always timeless with them what they hear and see can happen now or years later actually their aliveness brings them harmony and intimidate others people tend to do strange things and act out of fear and as you can see provide chemicals to downplay their gifts and categorize them but this the land of the free what happened to equality that is without a doubt prejudice. These individuals your children, friends, family, colleagues are in your life for a reason their possibly earth angels, star seeds and indigos or crystal children which are spiritual beings or as we call light workers who are here to help you heal if you have children you will notice the signs and symptoms early on, a lot of us undergo traumatic experiences most importantly don’t follow our intuition due to us not being connected to our inner self or possibly being the individual everyone portrays us to be but I will give you clarity as you continue to read my story. I will quickly describe each one: star seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the universe on other planets other than earth, star seeds may also have had previous life times on earth, a typical star seed may have lived 5-50 life times on earth, star seeds are individuals that originate from far distant star and solar systems, planets and galaxies. These highly involved souls carry a plethora of wisdom and special abilities that hibernates deep within the core of their being. The signs of an an star seed they are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics, they tend to find solutions to problems quicker than others, life on earth appears to be disappointing or boring specially when reminded of where you come from, their soul is old even as a child appeared to be mature, memories of other planets and what it looked like, have an memory of purpose and mission on earth or simply catch a glimpse of it every now and then, tend to suffer from social anxiety plus have a hard time making small talk, can handle large crowds of people only for a short time, trusted by animals and children and their intrigued by you. Seem to struggle finding your place in society, constantly feeling challenged to awaken or reconnect with your purpose, extremely intelligent but not interested in conventional academics, body functions that’s different from others, empathetic to others emotions and can pick up what their feeling, are naturally technologically savvy and have a different way of problem solving, the feeling of being out of place and the rules of society goes against your beliefs, a strong sense of knowing earth is not your home, thoughts of space but that was to name a few, so are you a star seed or have one near? Earth angels: Earth Angels are usually spirit guides in training, or spirit guides who have been sent back to earth in order to learn or heal others, some angels can know and feel that they are different and are often aware of their spiritual duties, whereas others forget and have a hard time managing their life on earth. The signs of an earth angel is as follows, you experienced an awakening very early on and perhaps were always attracted to nature, mythical creatures and the meaning of life, your wise beyond your years and often carry a very worldly energy, strangers tend to vent to you about their problems and frustrations and you delight in being able to help them, you struggle with feeling grounded and finding your purpose, you’re interested in philosophy alternative methods of healing the metaphysical, you have an intense and deep personality and not afraid to dig deep within your psyche and the psyche of others to find truth, you might feel a constant struggle to align yourself with the physical world this may manifest as struggling to deal with boundaries of your ego, relationships maybe difficult for you to handle as you may find yourself attracted to abusive partners or those with deep emotional issues, it is very likely that you’re bi sexual, you may not feel the need to settle down, marry have children etc… you are highly intuitive and often foresee events before they occur and in-tune with other’s needs, you feel protective of children, nature and other vulnerable beings also these beings are attracted to you, you space out often or have vivid dreams or day dreams, lucid dreams or astral project, your emotions are often deep and heavy they fluctuate from positive to negative, you have an understanding of both light and dark emotions, you have innate understanding of the potential and magic of the universe, your life may undergo many radical changes and you may find that you move around a lot, you feel a longing to return home, you may not have stability but your basic needs such as money, housing, food etc. always seem to be taken care of, you move abruptly from one thing to the next if inspired so are you an earth angel like myself or perhaps have one close by? Now for Indigo children, Indigo children are souls present on earth now to help realign humanity with authentic truth as multidimensional spiritual beings. Indigo children are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural trait or abilities. The signs that you’re an indigo child, you’re strong willed, you’re an old soul, you’re a free thinker, you’re headstrong, you’re passionate, you’re a truth seeker, you’re perceptive and intelligent, you’re highly intuitive, you want to change the world, empathetic and compassionate, a change making leader, idealistic, you have a loner/autonomous personality, highly creative, you have a strong connection to nature and animals and these children may be subjected to what America refers to as Inattention ADHD / Hyperactivity/Impulsive ADHD because of the difficulty with discipline and authority, refusing to follow orders or directions or just simply not doing things like waiting in line for example, so do you think is this you? Crystal Children is next so here we go, Crystal Children reflect the new generation that has come to the earth plane after the indigo children, the crystal children began to appear on the planet from about 1990-2010 their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and outer power, they function as a group rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law Of Global Oneness. They are advocates for love and peace on this planet. They are mostly born into the gold ray of incarnation and evolution, which means they have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing. They are born on the sixth dimension of consciousness and then rom the thirteenth dimension which represents universal consciousness. You can’t hide anything from these children, you won’t be able to lie to them either, as they know immediately what the truth is and fully aware of your thoughts more importantly what is in your heart and is extremely sensitive. If you are a parent of a crystal child, it is crucial that your child take in good energy at all times or as much as possible, your role is to help these children reflect harmony, peace and oneness to the universe, this in return will help all of us to raise our vibrational energies and spread peace throughout the world. Now that I gave a little insight of these light workers I can now go into my journey. First off both my childhood and adolescent years was agonizing and traumatic, I tried the counseling which for me gave birth to frustration and conflict, as an adult I’ve dealt and dealing with hardships, betrayals, heartaches, anger, disappointments but as I reflect there is this specific being that inflicted so much pain on me and I loved him so much and I fought for both him and us now I will say this I always had a thing to where I find the beauty in pain and I embrace and rejoice cause in this case it was truly an celebration. This individual wasn’t as bad as I portrayed him to be so I will explain to you why, this individual hurt me to the core to the point I cried daily but solely at night, I couldn’t eat I lost weight, I couldn’t sleep, my daily routine was so off balance however this man in the beginning taught me how to love others outside of my children he could make me feel so high then on the other hand made me feel so low he had me feeling emotions on a new level that I never encounter I was truly confused I started taking a drug formally known as molly I started drinking more as well as hanging out with people that never would’ve been of my taste I was losing myself and it was no one around to protect me now I’m a mother of six completely depressed and stressed but I wore my mask well now don’t get me wrong sometimes I had fits of rage and instantly I will isolate myself. One day I was lying in my bed in my room with my newborn right along with my two toddlers and I heard a horn in my driveway so I grab the baby and headed outside with the thought of my friend finally arriving but once I reached outside I was attacked by an unfamiliar individual nor did she care that I was amongst my children nor the fact I was holding my child so I hurried to my porch and went to give the baby to my daughter and in between that she attacked me if that wasn’t shocking enough there was also a man accompanying her as well as a woman, I was so confused like how did she know where I stay more over who is she more importantly why am I being attack to this day I don’t know her but the message was clear GOD has a way of creating turbulence such as any natural disaster and people tried to take cover or search for help but anyway I realized the man above don’t play and don’t like no one placed above him plus I was losing myself so he created what I call a tower moment to capture my attention and that he did. Later on that night I cried and cried I then look outside toward the moon just gazing at it I then close my hands and began to pray I proceeded with listening to the gospel just so I can purge in a healthy way, so one day I turned to YouTube and type in tarot readers I don’t really understand why but I was reciprocating messages although they weren’t personal readings and was read for the collective they resonated with me and strangely enough certain readers picked up my energy I was appalled so with that being said I knew I was a Capricorn but as I listened to these readers talk about birth charts and sun, moon and rising signs was intriguing in fact I found a birth chart to find out my placements exactly, so I would be going to different readings for love and career and by the time I finished listening to my sun moon and rising signs I got the whole story line how fascinating is that. The next thing I started to notice was numbers and I saw them quite often such as 11:11 11:44 11:33 11:55 1:11 2:22 3:33 whether it was my clock, an address, number of views or plays on you tube or a time stamp on a video so I got curious what does this mean exactly so I researched I saw articles I saw videos which let me know many things but mostly the divine was with me I realized my angels or ancestors were present and that’s how they communicated with me other than the tarot cards, after that certain animals start showing up more frequent than usual so I researched that which was another form of communication I found this too be exciting and for once in my life I wasn’t feeling the sense of lost I started meditating often for cleansing,clarity,good health, abundance it was so many and with that being said I learned how to manifest and how the law of attraction really work, I learned about astrology, numerology, universal energies, synchronies, mythical creatures and the one I always loved was unicorns, I learned about different types of readers and different forms of reading which made me purchase my own decks I currently have 16 traditional decks and the others are oracles I rather read through feeling and I hear by seeing, I purchase plenty of candles and incents that has various meanings and different chants and when I saw I was beginning to heal and fell whole again I found my purpose and it all made sense it was so profound and beautiful I’m becoming stronger every day and if it had not been for him I wouldn’t of never went within, I learned about my shadow side I went into the depths of my soul he honestly helped me find out who I was and become one with myself and all the lessons he taught me provided me both experience and wisdom to be able to help,teach,heal others and as crazy as it sounds I love him for just that alone. Interestingly enough on this journey I found out that he was my twin flame which means we mirror one another. I also realized that once I healed myself only then will I become able to help heal him.

Love ova fame

“This story is based on betrayal,deception,manipulation last but not least sacrifice it’s ruled by greed in which it ends with judgement, karma and justice, I’m an upcoming artist who’s multifaceted I go by “Laghacy Cokianna” and this here is my story

“Love Over Fame”

It all started when I got discovered by an legion, however I didn’t quite recognize him at first solely because of his magician ways , a alchemist indeed a charming illusionist is what I’d call him.

Our first encounter was of course business related I had to make a public appearance, actually it was my stage debut, see my stage freight kept me from being successful for years but when this man came into my life it was like fear left my existence and I was ready for the world, so the day of my show I paid for a Mercedes Sprinter van actually I had it for the whole day nether less I stopped by his hotel and picked him up in which we met face 2 face, I locked eyes with this handsome species a deep stare actually, it was at that moment I recognized his soul I felt an instant connection not really sure if it was a past life energy trying to penetrate me uncanny i thought well after my show we hit my after party had a few drinks did some promo I met one of the DJ’s that worked with us connected with some associates shared some laughs shortly after I dropped him off the whole time I was with him I felt as though I couldn’t breathe finally I was able to exhale, once I arrived home I felt something was not quite right unsettling really so I proceeded to the shower a good cleanse was definitely needed both physically and spiritually afterwards I got into my bed got comfortable enough to go into an meditative state it wasn’t long before I drifted into a slumber.

I continued on with my daily tasks for like 2 weeks and without delay that unease feeling of mine resurfaced. I notice the change of behavior from others ,I slowly was feeling distant but it’s time again for me to put on a show so I was actually excited about this one but that definitely didn’t last long at all I was truly devastated by the humiliation that came upon me due to some behind the scenes shadiness. See what I can’t stand is for someone to throw a rock and hide their hand just pure malice, I then realize I didn’t play his game as he felt I should my body is my temple I both love and cherish all of it and me not giving it up or let one run mileage on it was like betrayal or how dare me not give in to him that was truly unethical so I had to pay the price my show was sabotaged but me being professional I continued to perform anyway. See I never had a problem with wearing my scars I have several I call myself a beautiful abomination due to all the turmoil I’ve been through gratefully enough I’m grateful for every lesson, experience and person see it was needed for this elevation, im not jaded by a far I’m able to love and love hard that’s how I know I’m winning.

Of course it didn’t stop their people can be disgusting without a doubt,next set of events occurred moments after I then notice I was being bootleg cloned it’s funny how people work so hard to become a second rate version of you than a first rate version of themselves ungrateful and confused I feel. As I stated earlier on I notice people dressing like me, trying to mimic my personality ,mannerisms etc followed by rumors stealing my craft gaining profits sent minions to try to start confrontation, when I say competing to me by a second rate was preposterous honestly I was appalled I then took a break from music that experience was so distasteful yet needed I say that because I never met someone who had me both inspired and motivated I was happy to just be me gave me opportunities in my face but when I blinked they were snatched right from me but that’s alright I have my dignity my self love my self respect and due to this happening I took time out to learn more about me and much to my surprise I discovered other talents that was hidden and started honing in on them and that brought me total satisfaction.

Life of Cokianna

                 LAGHACY COKIANNA

                          By: Liajuana Clark

Cokianna an African American female who’s in fact 34 years of age,she’s 5’4 120lbs Carmel complexed,wavy curly hair shoulder length,she’s from the dirty and heartless streets of Cleveland,Ohio.A single mother of 3Kings/3 Queens. Cokianna is trisexual, attractive, adventurous, spontaneous, fashionable and highly intellectual a hustler by any means necessary. A Mastermind very manipulative and deceptive, she uses sex,lies,and drugs to get on top a true opportunist, don’t mind burning bridges as she breaks all the rules to win and will even if it costs her life.

           “Cokianna we have you surrounded” police yells over the cb, as she jumps out the bed she can’t help but see the flashing blue lights all around her house,she quickly puts her clothes on that’s beside the bed and grabs her phone off the dresser, checking to see if she could hear them approaching although she knows their coming she quickly goes through the attic to her roof where she scopes out the area she then climbs in a tree in which is close to her house,she continues to climb to the center and get low so the leaves can hide her,she sat their til they left at least that’s what she thought so she proceeded out of the tree and that’s when the shots were fired from an undercover cop and out the tree she feel panicking,bleeding,shaking she passed out, he had hit her in the chest he dispatched Ems they arrive and quickly take her to the ER when she woke up she was cuffed to her bed and her rights were read and to jail she went. As she sat in her cell all she could think about was who set me up so she reached out to an attorney who she paid already on some just in case type shit to see wuz up,so they set up the visit a week or two went by out of nowhere the ℅ called her out and said visit so she proceeded to the visit and that’s when her attorney showed her the indictment and the statements and signatures has her infuriated,she slams down on the table and looked at her attorney”I paid you in full now get me the fuck up out of here”!!! He nodded ok and shook her hand then left, she yells c/o I’m done here!